School Community Council (SCC)

SCC Minutes
Current Agenda

Each year Manila Elementary receives School LAND Trust funds.  Look at our Trust Lands report (tab on the Community drop-down menu) for details of how we are spending our money.

Opportunities are provided to parents serving on the school community council to directly influence the expenditure of the School LAND Trust funds. All of our meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend. Elections for new members are held in the fall. This year, we only had two people apply to be on the ballot. Since we only had two vacancies, no elections were necessary.

Meeting Rules


Thursday October 27– 10:00-12:00
SCC Training at the PDC as the District Office for Abbie Scott and Chrsitis Uhrich, with Dr. Sorensen

Tuesday November 1 – 9:30 am Meeting
Agenda:  Updates on changes, elect a chairperson. discuss SAGE, stakeholder’s report, and final TL report.

Tuesday November 29 – 9:30 am Meeting
Agenda:  Discuss Test and Progress Reports on current project.

Tuesday January– 9:30 am Meeting
Agenda:  Review Data

Tuesday February 28 – 9:30 am Meeting
Agenda:  Planning 2017-2018

Tuesday March 28 – 9:30 am Meeting
Agenda:  Draft 2017-2018 Trustlands and SIP Plans

April 22- Final Plan Due. Earlier in the month the draft will be edited,  finalized, and shared electronically. Meeting will be scheduled this month if needed.

ELECTIONS FOR 2017-2018:
Notification of Elections goes home in first day packet. Elections are the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday following Labor Day.

Manila School Community Council Members

*Parent (Chair) – Bobbi Jo Blake         801-785-1900
*Parent – Christie Uhrish                   801-358-5194 
*Parent – David Boren                      801-854-8470
*Parent – Abbie Scott                       801-808-5335
*Parent – Tara Smith                        801-785-1188 
PTA – Connie Benson                       801-362-0069
*Teacher – Renae Bell                       801-610-8112  
*Teacher – Cameron Dickson               801-610-8112  
*Principal – Dr. Nancy Sorensen           801-610-8112   
TSA – Kerry Milner                            801-610-8112   
DCC – Karen Lee                              801-472-2337   
*Voting Members